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Our Company

A23 Games is India's Leading Online Gaming Portal completely owned and operated by Head Digital Works Private Limited. With a mission to promote online gaming in India, A23 Games is steadily providing a platform for a community of skilled gamers all over the country.

With 15+ years of pioneering experience in this space, we at A23 Games understand the needs of online gaming in India and strive to provide better and faster results as well as a significantly improved gameplay experience.

And with Responsible Gaming at the core of our ideologies, our objective as an industry veteran is to provide you a platform that is "purely a source of entertainment". We want to make sure players are here for the right reasons.

Our Team

At the heart of our operations is a team of remarkable individuals who help steady the ship in the right direction. Our team is a diverse mix of young entrepreneurs as well as an able and experienced team of industry stalwarts who are masters of their domains.

And with state-of-the-art software created on a custom-built architecture to be robust in operating Multi-Player Tables and Online Tournaments, we have a dream combo in place.

A well-oiled machine that has helped us embark on this journey and to consistently deliver at a very high level for the entirety of our tenure.

Enjoy the Safe & Secure Mobile Multi Gaming Experience on India's Leading Online Platform A23 Rummy

Rummy is not just a game, it's an emotion. Play unlimited Rummy only on A23, the safe and secure gaming platform. A23 is India's Leading online Rummy platform offering unlimited fun to players. You can play on and get entertained from a host of tourneys curated to keep the thrill alive.

Since the online games require skills and strategy, you can play and brush up your gaming skills. Even though the online games platform is safe, you should play responsibly. It is advised that you play these games responsibly. All the Rummy games, Points Rummy, Gunshot Rummy, Private Tables – are totally safe. There are millions in India who play Rummy games regularly. It's trusted by the users who are loyal to A23 because of the safety and security it offers. So, you too can begin this fun-filled journey on A23 Rummy to make the most of the thrills available.

Types of Indian Rummy on A23

With the game of Rummy gaining so much popularity in India over the years among other online games, it's time to try your hand at it. Rummy games are exciting and easy to play, and even more so when it offers the option for you to play online games through which you can end up having lots of fun. Explore A23 Rummy to find what suits you best, with multiple Rummy games available on the app. Play Rummy from all these game variants available on the app as follows:

  • Points Rummy
  • Pool games
  • Deals Rummy
  • Gun Shot
  • Sit&Go
  • Turbo Tables
  • Happy Hour
  • Multi Table Tournaments

Play Fantasy Sports on A23

With the cricket season in full flow and so much cricket to come this year, fantasy sport is at the forefront of it all. Use your knowledge of the game to good effect and play cricket games online with fantasy on A23. Cricket as a sport, is a game of numbers, and this is where your knowledge of the game comes into effect. Take every factor into account, starting from selecting the right player as captain and building a team around that player. The captain is the most important player of the playing XI, as this player fetches more points than other players. So, pick a player who has been performing consistently and is in good form to captain your side.

Now, if you've played online cricket games before, you'll know that balance of your squad is key. So, pick a team which has a good balance of batters, bowlers and all-rounders. Make sure your selection is based on a ton of important factors such as stats around the stadiums, pitch report, weather conditions and so on. Make informed decisions based on these factors to churn out your best possible XI before entering an online cricket match. Once your team is selected, take part in matches and tournaments that take place every day on A23 and play fantasy sports daily. Beside Online Fantasy Cricket Games, A23 Fantasy Sports offers Fantasy Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and Kabaddi Games in its Gaming Basket.